Everett House SteamroomThe steam room is a beautifully tiled enclosure with mellow lighting and room for 10.

Steam therapy is very beneficial in helping to relax and rejuvinate sore or damaged muscle tissue and ligaments. The steam is also extremely theraputic for the respiratory system, as it opens and cleanses lung capilaries and airways.

Your body will begin to detox as well, so make sure to drink plenty of water (we provide a filtered fountain and drinking cups).

Relax to our soothing music and feel the stress melt away from your body and mind.

Taking cold or cool showers between sessions of 5-15 minutes in the steamroom or sauna is very beneficial to the body's cirulatory system. This drastic change in extreme temperatures not only gets the blood circulating but also stimulates detox and blood cleansing. This will also assist in raising metabolism as well as immune system efficiency.


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