Lg Cedar Sauna at EH 2

The newly remodeled cedar sauna is a 15 person unit that allows one to take advantage of the benefits of stretching in dry heat.

Showers & Sauna at EH2
Sm Cedar Sauna at EH1

We also have a cozy and charming smaller sauna that seats up to 4 comfortably for a more intimate feel.

Lg Cedar Sauna at EH2

Scientific research states that using the steamroom and sauna 2-3 times a week will boost your body's immune system up to 65%!!

The sauna's dry heat will not only assist your body in detox, but it is also very cleansing for the skin. It will open your pores, and as your body expells toxins it cleanses skin blemishes and facilitates healthy cell regeneration. This also helps your body to expel cellulite which is a favorite storage place for dangerous toxins in the body.

Everett House Sauna Entry

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